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Real innovation represents the greatest opportunity for rapid growth in sales and profitability - but often the greatest risk too.

Fortunately we have been involved in numerous ideas and products from inception to completion and still are on an almost daily basis, so we like the challenges.

Creating, manufacturing, marketing and then developing sales channels for a new product range or brand is, from experience, as difficult as it is ultimately satisfying.

Whether you are an individual, a micro business or up to a PLC or part of a large group, we can provide expertise and time to reduce the burden on your existing management and operations, to help to maximise success, get a return on investment and help to 'take the strain' over the shortest period of time.

Confidentiality and trust are essential and you are guaranteed this when you work with us. We even advise and guide on IP issues and legal protection worldwide - where some of the best opportunities may be.

Contact Steve directly and entirely in confidence to arrange a meeting

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