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Maybe you need someone you can trust to manage aspects of your business?

We regularly provide UK and export management for large and small companies and people that simply lack time, money or expertise but dont want to miss growth opportunities.
Typically we provide...
Complete export sales, marketing and management - including converting and processing enquiries received from overseas.
Export administration including logistics and finance.
Finding and managing sales in particular markets.
Negotiating formal agent and distributor agreements.
Multi channel marketing campaigns.
Planning and implementing overseas visits and product launches.
Re-inventing and relaunching new companies, products and services.
UK strategy planning and team development.
Understanding and providing solutions to regulatory issues in the UK and overseas.
Helping companies to improve all aspects of their business.
Helping companies to start, survive and thrive.
We provide regular tips and business advice including on Black Country Radio and other media.

Please contact us to arrange an initial meeting, in confidence and entirely without obligation.
Tel: 01384 893346    steve@steveparkericd.com