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It is best to have plans for you, your company and the individual specialisms and people within it.
We have extensive expertise in creating and implementing whole company UK, worldwide and individual market and product plans.
These can be really technical, featuring core values, purposes, aligned SWOTS and financial analysis. They can provide new ideas and directlon, or simply clarity and motivation, to enable you to identify and reach your potential.
They can also just answer questions like.... How can I get to?  or how far can I get?
The sessions can make sure you get to where you want, while you are still young enough to appreciate it, or to make sure you are not simply wasting time and effort.
Your time and effort?

Mentoring has some similarities. Having a trusted business person who listens, contributes ideas, motivates and remotivates, shares the excitement and the pain and may say 'I would like to think if I was you I would.......'
It works, not matter how ambitious and independent you are. If only good mentors were around when Steve was younger and really ambitious - as opposed to older and still ambitious?!
We charge for strategic planning and mentoring but it's worth it, so let's talk soon.