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Maybe you want to get more sales and faster growth and profitability from your existing markets?
Maybe you would like to export to more countries?
Maybe you need to source products and materials from overseas?
Maybe you want someone to convert those overseas enquiries you sometimes ignore?

Maybe you would like to do all these and more but you are not sure where to look and you simply dont have the time and expertise?

35 tonnes of information, reports, procedures, 'warm contacts' and hours on the internet simply wont get the job done!

There are many 'routes to market' these days - joint ventures, distributors, agents, retail stores, online stores, working with overseas manufacturers, selling directly to end users. Just needing to find a good agent or distributor is not normally the answer these days.

We have expertise in many routes to market, training and motivating overseas partners and sale teams and multi-channel marketing and selling, supported by overseas contacts that we have known for many years, or added recently.
Let's exchange ideas on how we can work together soon.