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For questions or queries on any aspects of international trade or even UK matters, please just contact us directly by phone, Skype or email. If we know the answer, we will tell you quickly and for free!
If you want to exchange ideas on helping you with any of the areas of expertise outlined on this site and on our Linkedin pages, we need to talk and to meet.
It is absolutely essential that we understand what you need, that we can work together and that we can trust each other - I am sure we can?!
We can then confirm the likely the amount of work that we will need to do, anticipated timescales, costs and methods. Much of our work is done from our own offices, often at strange times of day ( to talk to people in overseas markets when most convenient to them), leaving you and your senior management team to keep doing your daily work. We meet and talk whenever you need to  and all work and information of a sensitive nature remains entirely confidential.
We might wish to share any celebrations though?!

Talk to us and let's meet soon!

tel: +44 (0)1384 893346      +44 (0)7854 655397
email: steve@steveparkericd.com