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We specialise in creating and increasing profitable International and UK sales and in International Company Development.

The Global environment is creating more opportunities. A small market share in larger overseas markets can have a greater impact than a larger share in the UK. We can provide help where it is needed to companies that want to succeed but may not have all the international experience, knowledge or simply the time to dedicate to UK and global growth.

You will succeed if we can help your company to:
Find new customers and partners overseas.
Improve your international sales and marketing.
Increase profitable sales.
Reduce costs.
Create and implement proven UK and Global growth strategies.
Exceed even your own expectations.
Achieve your company and personal goals.

The following pages provide details of our 25+ years international experience,  expertise in markets worldwide and our approach to working together.

So if you need real practical advice and  help or suffer from a shortage of time, money or expertise in:
International sales and marketing
UK and export management.
UK and International Strategic planning.
Marketing and product development.
Export and UK finance .
Developing and maintaining Overseas partnerships and representation.

We can definitely help!

Working with 'Steve Parker ICD' is a faster and more cost effective way of achieving great global success. We pride ourselves on 'making it happen', so whether you want us to 'advise and guide', solve problems, or do much of the work for you, while you stay in control  we look forward to working with you soon.
steve@steveparkericd.com    Tel: +44(0)1384 893346